Work in Progress update

I’m still working on editing a series of stories into book format for a novel called Ali’s Art. At the moment this is up to a mammoth 185,000 words and still growing. I am hoping this will be completed in about four weeks and published on the Amazon Kindle store.

From the description of the book:

From the age of seven until twelve Ali lived at Tom’s house until her Dad remarried and she moved away. Now Tom is eighteen, and he is going to live with Ali in New York while he studies Art. The trouble is, he loves her. He has always loved her; but he knows she thinks of him as a best friend, and he has to be so careful he doesn’t spoil everything by letting his feelings show.

Tom tries hard, really hard. But it’s difficult because Ali seems to possess no modesty, and she does love to tease him in so many different ways. So Tom embarks on a series of adventures of his own, leaving Ali to her girlfriends, but the feelings that swirl beneath the surface for both of them can only be suppressed for so long.

And then there is the business they embark on together which involves erotic drawings, and it is often more convenient to act as each other’s model than to bring someone else in. And when they do bring someone in, that has repercussions as well.

The story of Ali and Tom builds slowly, which many erotic meanderings as they explore new territory, but the resolution, when it arrives, is climactic in more ways than one.

I am also working on a couple of other things at the same time, one of them brand new, the other the completion of the Miami trilogy which will be pulled together into a single book. More updates on these over the next few weeks.

Buyer Beware

While browsing through the erotic fiction category on the Amazon Kindle store, checking out the opposition and finding out what sells, I made a disturbing discovery.

I believe erotic fiction, as other forms of fiction, deserves a good name, and it was worrying to discover a whole bundle of titles selling an extremely low page count for pretty standard money.

Therefore, this is a plea to anyone who might scan down through the many, many titles under erotic fiction looking for something diverting, arousing or preferably both. Before parting with your money, scroll down to the Product Details area and check out the file size.

As an example, one of the best selling titles is Erotic Tales – Nice Girls Swallow. Scrolling down shows this is 16KB in size. This equates to something like 4 or 5 pages total for the entire thing! And if a cover image is added this is included in the file size as well.

The title is currently #23 in the Kindle, Fiction Category, and #2 in Kindle eBooks > Romance > Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost.

So, my word of advice is: Before paying for something to read, always, always, always check the file size. It’s also worth reading the reviews, because there are a number of comments for this title pointing out the extreme short length of the work.

This is not the only culprit. Looking through the titles for sale there are many with a file size below 20 KB.

My own publications are shown below, for comparison:

Georgia’s English Rose has a file size of 223 KB.

June Bug (my shortest publication) has a file size of 65 KB.

Georgia’s English Rose

Georgia’s English Rose published on Amazon’s Kindle store.

In wartime normal rules no longer apply. Georgia and Lillian find themselves posted to a new Radar station on the south coast of England, where they share a small room and try to keep their growing feelings for each other a secret, even to themselves. When Lillian invites Georgia to her home for a weekend visit, the floodgates burst and a passion both of them have been holding back erupts. What starts as a need for mutual relief quickly escalates into a wild, physical passion that neither can control.

Warning: This story contains scenes of explicit lesbian sex, sharing of a bath, wellington boots and Yorkshire puddings, although not necessarily in that order.


Georgia slid her hand down my side and then inwards. I felt her tug at the tie on my pajama bottoms, tug it, loosen it and then untie it completely. One side dropped to the mattress. Georgia lifted the other and laid it back over my hip. I felt air cool against my lower belly. Felt air touch my pubic hair. I was almost completely exposed, and I didn’t care.  No, that was wrong, I wanted to be naked like Georgia, wanted to be naked for Georgia. She moved above to me, our bare breasts touching now, and I shivered again.

“You’re not cold are you, honey?” she breathed.

“Hot,” I said.

“That’s good. I wanna kiss you again, Lil. I wanna kiss you so goddamn much.”

“Kiss me then, Georgia,” I said, and as she did I lay back and she came over on top of me, her mouth on my mouth, opening against my lips, and I moved against her as her leg slid over mine and her thigh pressed between my legs.

I wanted to move my tongue, wanted to lick her lips and tried to stop myself in case it disgusted her, but my tongue wouldn’t listen, it had a life of its own and I let it go where it wanted. I ran the tip of my tongue along Georgia’s full bottom lip and heard her gasp. Then her tongue came back and did the same to me. Our lips met again, mouths open, and this time my tongue went past her lips and I found hers coming to meet mine. I think I groaned. I know I felt Georgia’s lips vibrate on mine.

My hands stroked her silky back, running up and down the muscled length, and then I let them stray down and rest against the first bloom of  her full ass. I rolled the globes in my palms and felt her push against me, grinding her pubic hair against my leg, which lay trapped between hers. Her pussy was so wet. It pressed against my thigh and I felt her labia flatten against my skin. Somehow as we moved my pajama bottoms worked themselves further down and were now below my knees. As soon as Georgia gave me space I would kick them off and we would both be naked.

It felt as if my entire body was being licked with fire.

Georgia’s mouth lifted from mine, but only so that she could kiss my neck. I arched my back, feeling the tingle run straight down to that eager point between my legs. Georgia was wet down there, but I felt like I was leaking.

“You remember what we did in the bath?” I said, beyond shyness now.

“How could I forget, honey?” Georgia pecked at my chin, my earlobes, my neck. Her hand stroked my breasts, found my nipples and tugged them.

“I think I’m going to have to do that again,” I said.

June Bug

June Bug published on Amazon’s Kindle store.

New England in the early eighties was a simpler place. Ben and June had been summer friends since they could barely walk. As the years pass their friendship deepens and changes until the events of the year they turn eighteen bring a seismic change in their relationship.
June bug is a story of innocence and unwavering love, a story of two young people who discover that love also has a deeply physical side.

Warnings: contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adults, nudity, swimming, mention of lobsters, and mathematics (you have been warned!)


“I’m ready now, Ben,” she said.

I tugged on her dress, drawing it up along her back and she moved and wriggled to help and it came over her head and we tossed it to one side. June crawled up me so her panties were near my chin and I tried to roll them down and she half stood and let me pull them along her legs. When she lowered herself I held her ass and pulled her pussy onto my mouth. She let me explore her for a while, then pulled off.

“Another time, Ben. We’ve got plenty of time to try anything we want. But you’ve gotta fuck me now. Where are they?”

I fumbled for my jeans, pulled the pack of three condoms out and tore it open, pulled out a single wrapper and tore that too and slid the slippery awkward condom out.

June looked at it in the moonlight and laughed and grabbed it off me.

She wriggled down, unrolled it and started pulling it onto my cock.

After a minute of fumbling she said, “This isn’t working. I think you should have got a bigger size.”

“Roll it up again,” I said.


“Like this,” I took it off her, tried to roll it up and failed.

June looked around and pulled a second condom out of the pack, opened it but this time left it rolled up. She went back down and I leaned up on my elbows and watched as she settled it over the head of my cock and then unrolled it along my length. She smoothed it down with her fingers, looked up and said, “I still think you should have got a bigger size, Ben.”

“Next time,” I said. “I went in and out of there so fast I didn’t even know they came in sizes!”

She grinned. “Just so long as you don’t go in and out of me too fast, I’ll let you off this time.”

“I’d better try hard then,” I said.

“I wanna go on top,” June said.

“How did I know you’d say that?”