Cherri’s Diary Day 20

Sorry diary, have you missed me? Been so busy haven’t been able to find any time to write anything down, which I know I’ll regret later on. Ah well, rather spend time with Dan and Brian than write in some crummy diary anyway.

So, here’s the BIG news. Tonya and Holly got caught and sent home.  Dan told me The Simmons’s walked right in on ‘em, bare-ass naked and doing it!!! Fuck, I’d’ve given anything to see THAT! Can imagine though. Oh boy, can I imagine.

Anyway, they’re history, and the news is all over camp and we’re supposed to pretend they went for some other reason and not tell the kids the real reason and I can see why but fuck it if the kids in my dorm ask I’m gonna tell ‘em the truth. They’re 14 and old enough. Christ, 14 year olds these days know everything. Was I as precocious only 4 years ago? Don’t seem that way, but p’raps I was. Anyway, all the kids I know are!

But them getting thrown out makes it even harder being round Dan, because all I wanna do is rip her clothes off and kiss her. She doesn’t know, of course. God, I hope she doesn’t know… No, she can’t, can she, or she’d run a mile.

Anyway, I let Brian fuck me, hoping it’d take my mind off Dan, and it kind of did for a while. He’s nice. Got a great cock and knows what to do with it. Almost made me come, and if I work on him a little I think he probably will. Good sex anyway, come or not, and Ha – did he come! He’s a year older than the rest of us and it shows, more experienced or something. He even thought to bring a supply of rubbers with him, which is useful, and hints at some pre-planning on his part.

I wish Jack was free and could get with Dan. That’d make things a whole lot simpler if we were both buddied up. If Dan was getting some too it’d reduce the temptation. She came round earlier today in shorts and a white t-shirt while we were down the lakeside and I could have died looking at her legs. They go on, and on, and on… Love to find out where they end! God, Cherri, stop thinking this way, it’s not doing you any good. Couldn’t take my eyes of her boobs either. They kind of move under her t-shirt, mobile and perfect and kind of shaky and firm at the same time. Wonder what her nipples look like? Oh yeah, I remember. Yeah. Nice. Big and dark. Of course. How could I forget that!? Like to see ‘em again, like to…

Gonna have to sign off now. Need to take care of a need that’s just snuck up on me.

Cherri’s Diary Day 5

My last day of freedom. Tomorrow the kids arrive. Dan calls them brats. The brats. Don’t know how I’m gonna get on with them, whether I’ll manage to teach them anything or not, whether they want to learn or not.

I’m finding out I got to be real careful around Dan. She’s way too beautiful and way too innocent and it’s all I can do to keep my hands off her. Want to do more than put my hands on her, want to kiss her on her mouth and her boobs and… well, pretty much everywhere, I guess.

Bad news: there’s this dick called Greg around who hates Dan and has it in for her.

Good news: If Greg so much as touches Dan I’ll fucking kill him!

Bad news: Not sure I can make it through nine more weeks without going crazy. Daren’t let Dan see how I feel or she’ll run a mile.

Good news: There’s a cute guy called Brian I like and I think he might be able to distract me from these evil thoughts. He’s a hunk, and if Dan wasn’t around I wouldn’t think twice and he’d be inside my panties already.

I forgot earlier. Had a run in with Tonya over dinner. She thought Dan had told on her and Holly, but honestly everyone can see what they’re getting up to. Didn’t want to make out how fascinated I was because I don’t want to scare Dan off, but can’t stop thinking about what they’re doing to each other, can’t get rid of the images of their two bodies lying together, wondering what it would be like to lie that way with Dan.

Fuck, Cherri, get a grip!

Cherri’s Diary Day 1

Bus broke down. Hope it wasn’t a signal this whole summer camp thing’s gonna to be a crock of shit. Good news is I met this girl and I really like here. Dani Redmond. She looks kind of Italian or something, long dark hair and big brown eyes and so pretty I almost daren’t stand next to her ‘cos no-one’ll ever look in my direction. And tits. Man has she got tits. They’re probably the best tits I think I’ve ever seen Ever!

We both needed to pee real bad so walked through the woods and got lost. I teased her a bit, I think, managed to get her stripped down to her skinnies and fooled her into this pool but fuck the water was cold! I don’t know how the hell I wasn’t shaking like crazy but I had to pretend the water was fine. Laughed when she came in and discovered it wasn’t.

I like her a lot.

I been thinking a whole lot lately about who I am, about what I am. I never been slow to try things out but until now it’s always been boys. Apart from Julie last summer and that wasn’t real sex, just messin’ around. But I know I’ve always had a thing for girls. I’m wondering if this Dani might not be what I’ve been waiting for all this time. Who knows. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this summer pans out. Don’t want to scare her off, because I like her plenty as she is even if I never get to kiss her.

Cherri Red Chapter 12

As promised I’m posting access to another excerpt from Cherri Red 1: Summer Secrets. This time round, rather than posting the first few chapters sequentially, I’m posting sample chapters. So last time it was Chapter 1. This time it’s Chapter 12. Next time… who knows?

To read the extract click on this link. Warning (as usual) this content may contain graphic details of sexual acts and should only be accessed by adults.

Cherri Red update – almost there

I’ll be posting another excerpt from Cherri Red tomorrow, but wanted to post about the current state of play. I’ve just this moment finished the first full edit of the book and it’s come in at 82, 643 words which is 245 pages.

I have another couple of run-throughs planned before publication, but at the moment it’s looking like Cherri Red 1: Summer Secrets will be published on Monday October 10. Leading up to that I’ll be running some special chances for people to win signed copies of the book, and for the first week or two the Kindle edition will be discounted down.

If anyone out there is interested in receiving an advance review copy let me know and I’ll arrange to email out a PDF copy.