This last week I’ve commissioned J.D. Strobe to create a cover for Ali’s Art. I’ve always created my own cover art in the past, but I’m making a little money from this writing game now so I wanted to see what difference a professional cover might make.  So far I’m knocked out with what she’s done and wanted to share the first results of her work.

This only her preliminary sketch, but it’s so close to what I have in my head with this book it’s spooky. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

In case you want to find out more about J.D. you can find her website here.

Ali’s Art

Well, this took me by surprise. I was working on a couple of new things – Part 2 of Cherri Red and a new non-erotic fantasy novel, then read about how a writer needs to have as many titles out there as possible, wondering how I could do that when it takes so long to write and edit each book when I realized I’ve got a whole back catalog of things I published on an erotic fiction site a while back. These were attempts at writing in a different voice, from a male perspective. From the feedback I received I was not as successful as I’d planned because although they contain a lot of sex, the men have been accused of being too female in their thought processes.

Anyway, I dusted them off, re-wrote some sections and the first of these is currently undergoing an extensive edit. I thought I’d start with the blockbuster!

Ali’s Art was originally a 13 part story series. I’ve merged them into one, taken some bits out and added others. At the moment it’s coming in around 140,000 words. That’s about 550 pages!

I’m half way through the edit and hoping to publish some time around the start of December. Alongside this I’m continuing with the new works, but over the coming months I’ll be bringing out a number of these re-edited works.

To check out a sample of Ali’s Art click here to read the first chapter.

Some comments on the original Ali’s Art series (I love this first one, made me laugh out loud):

So, normally I dislike an author who spends so much time teasing, hinting and doing everything BUT consummating the intended main character/s relationship for too long a period. Normally after two chapters of that sort of teasing I get REALLY BORED, frustrated and just plain pissed off with the audacity of an author. It’s not like I don’t appreciate a good tease. It’s more that there are other ways to tease. There are other methods to draw out a story….. Like the inclusion of a ripping good plot, solid supporting characters, effortless writing skills and silky smooth details. Another thing that REALLY FUCKING SHITS ME UP THE FUCKING WALL is when an author spends over 5000 words getting to the first sex scene… No matter what type of sex it is, this site IS an erotic fiction site. If an author is more interested in stretching out a plot, stretching out the sex scenes, and generally being an idiot, then I move on. Sometimes I vote really low, sometimes I don’t bother. Sometimes I rant and rage in a comment about how poor the skills are, how unobservant the author is, how obtuse they are being, either deliberately or unintentionally. 

You? Well, you tick most of the boxes above. The work takes far too long to get to the hinted at climax of the story. It’s almost as if you, as an author, didn’t want the scene to be written. It’s almost as if the characters themselves didn’t want to do it. But, for all of that, this story remains a watershed for me. Not in terms of content, not in terms of style. Not in terms of details, or writing skills, or in terms of character development, nor in the fact that the entire story has had me horny as hell from start to finish…. But for the fact that, as an author, you made it all so effortless.

Just fucking wonderful! Great Story, great series! Wonderful again!

 It was an emotional highly charged sexual journey that was heartfelt. Love your writing.