I ought to laugh but I’m not sure I can…

I recently made a few changes to the text of Ali’s Art. I uploaded these to Kindle and also to Smashwords last weekend so the updated version was available for the read an eBook week.

I have now just received an email from Smashwords saying the book cannot be included in the extended distribution channel because it needs changing. The change they require is:

Please obscure/cover over the woman’s nipple and areola in the photo inside the front of your book. When you’re finished correcting your book, go to Dashboard: ‘upload new version’ to upload the new version. Thanks.

Here’s the image.

It seems the move by PayPal and the Credit Card companies is spreading it’s wings even wider. Now I can’t have a drawing of a woman who displays her nipples inside my book. This isn’t on the cover, it’s an interior image!

Scary, scary times for writers of erotica.