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Falling – Cherri Red Book 2 Published

Falling – Cherri Red Book 2 is now published on both Kindle and Smashwords.

Falling - Cherri Red Book 2

Dani Walker has spent five years trying to forget about Cherri Red and the summer that changed her life.

That is until she picks up a magazine and Cherri’s face stares out at her, together with a list of tour dates. The temptation is too strong, and Dani has never been able to withstand temptation. When she plucks up the courage and finds herself standing in front of Cherri in the back lot of a run down club in Austin, and when Cherri looks up and meets her eyes, they both know five years is nothing, not for what they feel for each other.

And meeting is just the start of a roller coaster ride for both of them.

Falling is the second installment of the lesbian erotica trilogy involving Dani and Cherri.

Read the first chapter here.

Available on Kindle and Smashwords, and in paperback from Createspace.

Falling – Cherri Red Book 2

Finally! I’ve just now, one minute ago, written the last sentence of the last chapter of the follow up to Summer Secrets. This is first draft only, so there’s likely at least 6 weeks of editing and polishing and tidying up, but for anyone whose been waiting for this it’s on the way.

I’ve been distracted and hardly noticed I haven’t published anything in over a year, but that’s about to change. Apart from Falling (and more about that in a moment) I spent last year working on a fantasy novel which was published under another name. Well, that was a disaster. I sold 3 copies in 3 months so I’ve pulled it. The book started out as an erotic short and I should have stayed in my comfort zone. Blood Apples will be recast as the erotic romance it was meant to be, still with the fantasy elements, and be available some time over summer.

Back to Falling, Book 2 of Cherri Red.

When I started book 1 I believe Cherri was the main character. As it turned out, she was a major part of that book, but I believe Dani was the protagonist.

Book 2 builds on that. It’s five years since summer camp and Dani hasn’t seen Cherri once in that time. The dark events that ended book 1 however have come to a climax with the arrest of Greg. Dani is living with Jack but she knows her life is a lie.

A single decision, a single girl, changes all of that and Dani starts living life for herself. At the same time Cherri returns and they start up where they left off.

Summer Secrets has had some great reviews and comments, but one common thread throughout was that most people felt the ending was too dark and downbeat. In retrospect I agree – but hey, the story told itself at that point. Anyway, although book 2 starts to resolve the relationship between Dani and Cherri, it doesn’t resolve it completely, but the ending is upbeat.

PS: During the writing I had one long chapter where Dani flies to London and meets up once more with Amanda of the large breasts and shaved pudenda, from book one. Somehow though the scene didn’t fit with the rest of the book so I pulled it. However, I’ll shortly be posting this as a hot short story here, as well as making it available as a free download through Smashwords. Check back to find out when it becomes available.

Cherri Red 1 now available

Summer Secrets, book 1 of the Cherri Red lesbian romance is now available on Amazon’s Kindle store:

View on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk by clicking the links.

Summer Secrets can also be purchased from Smashwords and is currently being processed to be available as a paperback as well.

The year Dani Walker turns eighteen summer camp will change her life.

Dani has come each year to Pinecrest Lake but this is her first time as counselor. A chance meeting when her bus breaks down triggers an infatuation she never expected and doesn’t welcome. At camp two years before a traumatic event convinced Dani she would never find love again. This year she discovers she has been looking in the wrong place.

For Cheryl Redmond this is her first summer camp. She doesn’t know what to expect – certainly not to fall in love with Dani. Neither girl can admit their feelings, seeking other means of satisfaction with two male counselors.

Dani and Cherri battle to conceal their growing desire for each other, afraid of rejection, not aware the attraction is mutual until in a dilapidated barn, amid the scent of hay, obsession spills over into passion, their summer secret finally revealed.

Summer Secrets: Cherri Red Book 1 is set in the hothouse world of summer camp where love, lust and passions run high. The first in an explicit lesbian trilogy from international best-selling erotic author JT Harding, Summer Secrets will charm, arouse and shock in equal measure.

Cherri’s Diary Day 26

Well what d’ya know!

After I wrote only yesterday how Dan was acting strange we only got ourselves moved into the same fucking cabin. Separate rooms, of course, but she’s still only over the corridor from me and last night I almost wore myself out jilling off thinking about her only feet away. Almost as good as the real thing, could be as good as the real thing, good enough anyway to stop me attacking her like I’ve been afraid I’m about to.

Of course, Dan can’t stay cold now I’m living in her hut. We sat talking until real late and when I got up I went through to see her and there she was, soft and sleepy in bed and I had to make an excuse and left otherwise I’d have ended up in there with her. What a thought!

The summer’s looking up.

Cherri’s Diary Day 24

I’ve fucked up, big time. Maybe coming on to Dan, even just a little the other night scared her off, but whatever I’ve done, whatever’s changed, I don’t like it.

Dan’s acting like she doesn’t want to know me anymore. I think I’ve screwed things, really screwed things and I’m scared because I don’t want to spend the summer not being friends with Dan. I can live with not kissing her, that was just a stupid fucking pipe dream anyway, I can live with not touching her, live with not copping the occasional feel of boob or ass when I think she won’t notice, but not seeing her at all?

I’m sitting here crying. Me. Cherri Red, the girl who laughs at everything, the girl who makes out she hasn’t a care in the world.

Tomorrow I’m gonna call Dan out, find out what’s going on. And if I have to tell her how I feel.

Cherri’s Diary Day 21

After I wrote last night I went down to the lake with Dan and we hung out a while. And… well, we talked about stuff. Girl stuff. Kissing and things.

Dan asked me if I’d ever kissed a girl. I wasn’t sure if she meant anything by it or not. But I told her no. Which is the truth. Then she asked me if I ever thought about it and I said sure, also the truth.

And… fuck… for a while there I thought we were gonna do it, actually kiss. Not a polite kiss either, not a relatives kiss but the real deal like I kiss Brian and like I kiss boys. My nips got real hard sitting there next to Dan and I was so wet… you know where. I’d have kissed her too. And I think she wanted to kiss me. But I couldn’t tell for sure. If only she knew what I wanted to do to her. Never mind Brian, Brian’s OK but he’s not the same as Dan, but it’s probably better we were interrupted and didn’t do anything because I’m damn sure I’d’ve been unable to control myself and that would have screwed summer for good.

Writing this now though makes me wonder if Dan isn’t just a little that way inclined. I’ve always kind of assumed lesbians were butch and looked like guys without the beards (maybe with the beards too, ha ha), but if lesbians looked like Dan I’d have turned queer years ago. She’s gorgeous. Completely, utterly, drop dead and go to heaven gorgeous, and she has absolutely no idea how beautiful she is.

I think I need to get Brian to go down on me some more, take my mind of going down on her. God, did I really write that? What am I thinking?

Cherri’s Diary Day 20

Sorry diary, have you missed me? Been so busy haven’t been able to find any time to write anything down, which I know I’ll regret later on. Ah well, rather spend time with Dan and Brian than write in some crummy diary anyway.

So, here’s the BIG news. Tonya and Holly got caught and sent home.  Dan told me The Simmons’s walked right in on ‘em, bare-ass naked and doing it!!! Fuck, I’d’ve given anything to see THAT! Can imagine though. Oh boy, can I imagine.

Anyway, they’re history, and the news is all over camp and we’re supposed to pretend they went for some other reason and not tell the kids the real reason and I can see why but fuck it if the kids in my dorm ask I’m gonna tell ‘em the truth. They’re 14 and old enough. Christ, 14 year olds these days know everything. Was I as precocious only 4 years ago? Don’t seem that way, but p’raps I was. Anyway, all the kids I know are!

But them getting thrown out makes it even harder being round Dan, because all I wanna do is rip her clothes off and kiss her. She doesn’t know, of course. God, I hope she doesn’t know… No, she can’t, can she, or she’d run a mile.

Anyway, I let Brian fuck me, hoping it’d take my mind off Dan, and it kind of did for a while. He’s nice. Got a great cock and knows what to do with it. Almost made me come, and if I work on him a little I think he probably will. Good sex anyway, come or not, and Ha – did he come! He’s a year older than the rest of us and it shows, more experienced or something. He even thought to bring a supply of rubbers with him, which is useful, and hints at some pre-planning on his part.

I wish Jack was free and could get with Dan. That’d make things a whole lot simpler if we were both buddied up. If Dan was getting some too it’d reduce the temptation. She came round earlier today in shorts and a white t-shirt while we were down the lakeside and I could have died looking at her legs. They go on, and on, and on… Love to find out where they end! God, Cherri, stop thinking this way, it’s not doing you any good. Couldn’t take my eyes of her boobs either. They kind of move under her t-shirt, mobile and perfect and kind of shaky and firm at the same time. Wonder what her nipples look like? Oh yeah, I remember. Yeah. Nice. Big and dark. Of course. How could I forget that!? Like to see ‘em again, like to…

Gonna have to sign off now. Need to take care of a need that’s just snuck up on me.

Cherri’s Diary Day 5

My last day of freedom. Tomorrow the kids arrive. Dan calls them brats. The brats. Don’t know how I’m gonna get on with them, whether I’ll manage to teach them anything or not, whether they want to learn or not.

I’m finding out I got to be real careful around Dan. She’s way too beautiful and way too innocent and it’s all I can do to keep my hands off her. Want to do more than put my hands on her, want to kiss her on her mouth and her boobs and… well, pretty much everywhere, I guess.

Bad news: there’s this dick called Greg around who hates Dan and has it in for her.

Good news: If Greg so much as touches Dan I’ll fucking kill him!

Bad news: Not sure I can make it through nine more weeks without going crazy. Daren’t let Dan see how I feel or she’ll run a mile.

Good news: There’s a cute guy called Brian I like and I think he might be able to distract me from these evil thoughts. He’s a hunk, and if Dan wasn’t around I wouldn’t think twice and he’d be inside my panties already.

I forgot earlier. Had a run in with Tonya over dinner. She thought Dan had told on her and Holly, but honestly everyone can see what they’re getting up to. Didn’t want to make out how fascinated I was because I don’t want to scare Dan off, but can’t stop thinking about what they’re doing to each other, can’t get rid of the images of their two bodies lying together, wondering what it would be like to lie that way with Dan.

Fuck, Cherri, get a grip!